Datsun 510 Race Car For Sale

Datsun 510 race car for sale : Impound lot cars for sale

Datsun 510 Race Car For Sale

datsun 510 race car for sale
    datsun 510

  • The Datsun 510 or P510/PL510 was a series of the Nissan Bluebird sold from 1968 to 1974, and offered outside the U.S. as the Datsun 1600. According to AutoWeek's G.D. Levy, the 510 has often been called the "poor man's BMW.
    race car

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  • An automobile built or modified for racing
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datsun 510 race car for sale – Cup Racer

Cup Racer Kit with Datsun 510 Body
Cup Racer Kit with Datsun 510 Body
The concept behind the Cup Racer and True Ten scale is simple: to make the best-looking, most realistic car models available. To do this, the HPI body production department teamed up with our top car designers to put together the the True Ten look, which authentically reproduces actual cars in a way that makes them look exactly like the real thing. These aren’t slammed and lowered versions lookalikes designed for ultimate performance, though: the True Ten ideal is to replicate the real cars as they are in real life – in width, height, length and detail, with details so precise that real car fans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at first glance.

Authentic Detailing

The True Ten series features the most painstaking attention to detail that our designers have ever tackled. Every body line and curve from the real car is represented in the crash-resistant bodyshell. Every door line, bootlid and side skirt is represented exactly as it appears on the real car. There are even reproductions of the actual windscreen wipers, bumpers, exhaust systems and mirrors, allowing the HPI True Ten series to deliver the utmost in scale car driving!

HPI graphics designers are already legendary for producing the most accurate bodyshell graphics you can find, and when you combine that with the uniquely crystal-clear bodyshells from our body production department and the new ultra-scale accessories, you get pure scale magic.

Datsun race car

Datsun race car
The Datsun 510 or P510/PL510 was a series of the Nissan Bluebird sold from 1968 to 1974, and offered outside the U.S. as the Datsun 1600. According to AutoWeek’s G.D. Levy, the 510 has often been called the "poor man’s BMW." The 510’s engineering was inspired by contemporary European sedans, particularly the 1966 BMW 1600-2, incorporating a SOHC engine, MacPherson strut suspension in front and independent, semi-trailing arms in the back.[1] The European-influenced sheet metal design is attributed to Datsun in-house designer, Teruo Uchino.

The engine was pushed through by Nissan USA president Yutaka Katayama, a design developed through Prince, an acquisition, with some Mercedes Benz influence. [2]

Its positive reputation led to the 510 tag being reused there for the unrelated 1978-1981 Nissan Stanza ‘H510’ in an effort to capture this range’s glory.

Launched in August 1968, it was one of the most comprehensive Bluebird ranges in terms of body styles: a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, a five-door station wagon, and a two-door coupe (added in November 1968).

This range became famous for Nissan’s rallying successes outside Japan and paved the way for greater Nissan sales internationally.

The Datsun 510 released to the U.S. market came originally with the Hitachi downdraft carbureted 1.6L L-series I4 engine, with an advertised gross power of 96 hp (72 kW), a claimed top speed of 100mph, front disc brakes, 4-wheel independent suspension (MacPherson strut front and semi trailing arm rear- wagons had a solid rear live axle and leaf springs in back), rear wheel drive, and either a 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic transmission. 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, and 4-door station wagon variants were available. It achieved 20-30 mpg in factory trim (U.S.). JDM spec models were also available in a 2-door coupe body style in either a 1.6L or a 1.8L (1973) L-Series engine. 510’s in some markets offered available twin Hitachi side-draft carburetors, which were a smaller version of the British Skinner’s Union (SU) design used on Jaguars and MGs[citation needed]. These engines also used enhanced compression and camshaft profiles to produce more power. SSS models (not available for the U.S. 510) offered upgraded instrumentation and interior trim, as well as appropriate exterior badges. All U.S. model 510s received anti-sun glass from 1970-on.

Datsun 510

Datsun 510
I considered following this Datsun 510 and seeing if she would sell it, that or give her a card and tell me to call her if she decided to sell it.

This sorta looked like a 1 owner type of find!

datsun 510 race car for sale
datsun 510 race car for sale

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